dbqp: visualizing poetics: Divergence: A Call for Submissions

A Call for Submissions You are invited to submit to the first issue of Divergence, an electronic publication of text/image/sound/video. We are interested in receiving poetry, articles, essays, text-art, animated text, as well as hybrids and paratexts (poetics, sketches, works-in-progress, rewritings), etc. Divergence aims to be a critical and creative platform/forum for work that is … Continue reading

Richard Wise – Retirement Song

ИСКРА’s RedEye » Specialized P.3

ИСКРА’s RedEye » Specialized P.3. Don’t you just love Creative Commons!

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Beatles iTunes deal is ‘stalled’

via BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Beatles iTunes deal is ‘stalled’

BBC – Beds Herts and Bucks – Read This – Buncefield Depot Explosion

BBC – Beds Herts and Bucks – Read This – Buncefield Depot Explosion. The Buncefield Explosion seems to be in the news again so I thought I’d post my photo that the BBC published at the time. My recollection is that the blast did wake me up but that I thought is was thunder and … Continue reading

Why the Daily Mail is so dangerous

Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does . This is quite an interesting piece of research. Things are different in the US. Roughly speaking, their television news is more biased than ours but their print media is more balanced. Still, it’s interesting to see so clearly the effect of ideology on the perception … Continue reading

The first day of the rest of the year

The glorious 14th. A-Level results are out today and there’s the usual press coverage about standards. For us, it marks the start of Clearing. This isn’t such a massive operation as it once was – we now recruit most students through the normal UCAS route but there’s still a faint glow of excitement as we … Continue reading

World’s Worse Parking?

World’s Worse Parking?, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. One from the Croatia set you might enjoy. This car really was parked across the railway line – the driver was nowhere in sight. The train in the background did stop – just in front of the car. It then sounded its horn very loudly!

All change…

The School of Media, Art and Design is no more! Academic Board approved a new structure yesterday. We’re reorganising into three smaller Divisions: Journalism and Communications, Media and Television, Art and Design. We’ll come under an umbrella Executive with Performing Arts and English. Restructuring can be a bad idea when it’s a substitute for doing stuff … Continue reading

Right – this time – this is going to be it.

Yet another blog started. This is going to be the real thing. I am going to keep it going – honest. I do need somewhere to aggregate stuff and publish things and Word Press does seem to be pretty good – a fair balance between power, flexibility and ease-of-use. So, this won’t be the first … Continue reading