Alex – No Footer

   Alex – No Footer, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. Alex doing a no footer out of the pit at Dunsmore Advertisements

YouTube – Alex and Nike – Biking – Autumn 2008

YouTube – Alex and Nike – Biking – Autumn 2008.

BBC – Beds Herts and Bucks – Read This – Buncefield Depot Explosion

BBC – Beds Herts and Bucks – Read This – Buncefield Depot Explosion. The Buncefield Explosion seems to be in the news again so I thought I’d post my photo that the BBC published at the time. My recollection is that the blast did wake me up but that I thought is was thunder and … Continue reading

Alex and Nick – Chicksands – August 2008

   Alex and Nick – Chicksands – August 2008, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. And here is the main video. Mostly shot in HD with a Canon HG10 (the train shot was on a Canon Ixus 70!). Post production was done with Final Cut Express. Alex’s choice of music…

Alex and Nick training the small set

  Alex and Nick chaining the small set, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. Video from Chicksands on Friday. Alex, Nick and a friend chaining the small set of dirt jumps. Alex is 2nd and Nick is 3rd in the chain.

Chicksands – Mountain Biking

  Alex – Dirt Jump, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. Went to Chicksands today – the first time this summer holiday. A good session – no crashes. I got some reasonable photos and some video too. The photos are on Flickr as usual:

Oliver – Nick’s new pony

Oliver – Nick’s new pony, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. We picked up Nick’s new pony when we got back from holiday. Oliver – a welsh-arab cross. A bit bigger than Simba and a bit more forward going. Should suit him for a few years anyway.

World’s Worse Parking?

World’s Worse Parking?, originally uploaded by Peter J Dean. One from the Croatia set you might enjoy. This car really was parked across the railway line – the driver was nowhere in sight. The train in the background did stop – just in front of the car. It then sounded its horn very loudly!

Croatia Holiday 2008

We’re back from holiday now. Had a great time although it wasn’t without its moments. The flight out was diverted from Rijeka to Zagreb which meant a three hour coach journey before we even started the transfer to Rabac. Travelsphere were excellent once they got control though. Croatian Airlines were hopeless.   We spent a lot of … Continue reading


Juliette, Alex, Nick and I are off on holiday this morning. We’re going to Rabac in Croatia. Hope to do lots of walking and photography. We’ll be back on the 6 August. Photos on Flickr soon after…