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Pete on Snowden

Pete on Snowden

Hi! I’m Peter Dean (peterjdean on most social networks). I’m an academic member of staff at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. I’m the Head of Media Arts and Production in the Faculty of Creative Arts, Technologies and Science. I have a science and technology background (Physics, Maths and Computer Science) but I’m now more interested in the educational, social, political, economic and ethical implications of new media technologies.

We currently offer:

BA(Hons) Media Production
BA(Hons) Television Production
BA(Hons) Music Technology
MA Documentary
MA Media, Culture and Technology

I have been the supervisor for a couple of MRes/MPhil/PhD research students and I’m currently registered for an EdD at UoB..

Specific current interests include the theory and practice of new media, digital photography and media course design.

I’m married to Juliette and we have two children, Alex (17) and Nick (15). We live in Dunsmore, Buckinghamshire and we keep horses, chickens, goats and an indeterminate number of cats.

Outside work, I’m the chair of governor at Beechview School, High Wycombe.


Given what happened to Doug Belshaw, you should note that this is a personal blog and that any views expressed are mine and may not reflect the views or policies of my employer.


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