dbqp: visualizing poetics: Divergence: A Call for Submissions

A Call for Submissions

You are invited to submit to the first issue of Divergence, an electronic publication of text/image/sound/video. We are interested in receiving poetry, articles, essays, text-art, animated text, as well as hybrids and paratexts (poetics, sketches, works-in-progress, rewritings), etc. Divergence aims to be a critical and creative platform/forum for work that is variously referred to as, and encompasses, ‘innovative’, ‘experimental’, ‘avant-garde’, ‘post-avant’, etc. We encourage debate, manifestos, commentary, notes and reactions which look at the present and to the future, not the past.

Divergence will be international in scope, with an editorial board composed of significant practitioners and academics in the field, including Robert Sheppard, John Hall, David Miller, Jeff Hilson, Geof Huth, and others. It is edited by Keith Jebb and Kevin Doran out of the University of Bedfordshire, and supported by the Research Institute for Media, Art and Design.

All correspondence and submissions should be sent to divergence[AT]beds.ac.uk; we welcome proposals. The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2009. Enquire at this address if hardcopy submissions are absolutely necessary.


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