All change…

The School of Media, Art and Design is no more! Academic Board approved a new structure yesterday. We’re reorganising into three smaller Divisions: Journalism and Communications, Media and Television, Art and Design. We’ll come under an umbrella Executive with Performing Arts and English.

Restructuring can be a bad idea when it’s a substitute for doing stuff but I do think this makes sense. Greater coherence and focus and more manageable. Loads more questions than answers at this stage but I think the sun is shining a little brighter today – or it would be if it wasn’t raining.

We’ll see how it all plays out…

2 Responses to “All change…”
  1. Keith Jebb says:

    The placement of Media Performance in Journalism and Communication is the odd one for me. But apart from that…

    The danger is of course a dvide-and-rule scenario, which really demands we all do work together collaboratively (in all senses?). Frequent meetings between the three Luton-based divisions (and Perfomring Arts and English, perhaps a little less frquently at first) where we actually talk seriously about the issues facing us, would be a start.

    Onwards and sIdeways!

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